Buckerson and Meyers

Buckerson and Meyers follows the adventures of Futt Buckerson, Hyphen Potamus VII, Bobo Wilcox and Peppermint Pissy; a sophomoric group of adventurers who murder their way to the top of the mythical world's comedy scene. A role playing game conducted by The Whitest Kids U' Know.

Chapter 13
The saga comes to an end.
Chapter 12
Trilina and Futt battle for the pips love.
Chapter 11 1/2
Hyphen gets dirty and the other guys get violent. Then they all meet the jolliest of travelers while on their way to Wavy Cool Cave™.
Chapter 11
Big rolls and high drama in the most action packed B&M yet.
Chapter 10
Pip runs away, the gang kills the messenger, Peppermint tames a spider and Hyphen competes with Futt for the affection of a dark elf.
Chapter 9
The Saga continues with romance, violence and a big boss fight (sort of).
Chapter 8
Tensions mount as our team of idiots attempt to rescue Pip.
Chapter 7
The Saga continues with a battle, a skirmish, and a bickering.
Chapter 6
Pip becomes a man / Peppermint expresses herself / problems at the well... or was it the whale?
Chapter 5
Episode 5 of the 'Buckerson & Meyers Saga' - from The Whitest Kids U' Know - After their 1st successful show, the guys decide to go to a strip club.
Chapters 1-3 Recap
Sam recaps what has happened in the first 3 episodes of the 'Buckerson & Meyers Saga'.
Chapter 4
Episode 4 of the 'Buckerson & Meyers Saga' from the Whitest Kids U' Know - In this episode the guys perform their first ever show!
Chapter 3
Episode 3 of the Whitest Kids U' Know trying to do a Role Playing Game. In this episode 'Buckerson & Meyers' go into town to try and book a comedy show.
Chapter 2
Episode 2 of the Whitest Kid U' Know trying to do a Role Playing Game. This time with Darren!!!
Chapter 1
Zach and Trevor have never played a Role Playing Game before. Sam and Timmy have. They try to play one because it's quarantine and why not, I guess.