Fan favorite WKUK sketches โ€” in HD!

Songs Of Olden Times
Things used to be very weird. Someone wrote some songs about it.
Barf Museum
If your child sent you this video and you don't know what it is they're probably just trying to say you didn't do the best job as a parent, but you did your best job... and that's ok.
Baked Beans
1-900-XX-BEANS call today... or tomorrow... but not the next day. That's when Baked Beans has plans.
Teacher'S Union
Someone's got make the rules for school, why not the Teacher's Union?
Wheel Of Money
TV is hard to make. Sometimes people get hurt.
We Got A Runner!
Complications in child birth get wacky!
Horses Love Stegosaurus
Little known farmer life hack.
The Civil War On Drugs theme Song (Dixie Devils Ride Again)
Here is the theme song for the 1st WKUK movie. Hang tight. We're going to Mars!
Super Size Me With Whiskey
A dumb guy tries something stupid.
The Sex Talk
Timmy gets some valuable life advice.
Astronaut Mess (Space Potatoes)
Barry was late for the spaceship so he brought snacks.
Opus (Mount Everest)
A mount climber with a rocky home life gets extorted by a diamond thief to go to volcano.
Glory Hole
Why didn't she just wait in the car?!
Nail Gun
3 brothers get in a little trouble with the afterlife while their dad's being gross.
Mountain Of Chairs
When the cat's away the Timmy will play.
Live in New York (Special)
The WKUK perform LIVE in NY. Just like the title says. Why do I have to put a description here?
Sniper Business
This is literally a hostile business takeover.
Cowboy Show
Four cowboys do little shows for each other and no one else is there.
T2 9-1-1
A 9-1-1 caller is having a real hard time getting taken seriously and his car is ruined.
Lincoln won't stop interrupting a rendition of Hamlet.
Rip Your Dick Off
Sam is trying to buy the wrong vacuum cleaner.
First Date
Bethany's date is going well until it isn't.
Sam'S Muscles
Sam impresses his girlfriend's family.
Blue Hair Timmy
Timmy is excited about his new hair.
Something is terrorizing a small town.
Mission Impossible
Sam is asked to go on an impossible mission.
Hippo in the City
A Hippo wanders into Whitest Kids City.
The Earthquake Sketch
A very long earthquake hits a very small town.
The Jizzle
A fantastic new product!
Tar Toast 1 & 2
A simple misunderstanding at a cocktail party.
Sex Robot
A sex robot comes to town. What does he want?